We work with your teams and help your business grow faster plugging  technical and knowledge gaps that help you accelerate growth for your business

Why people come to us

Global Best Practices

Expertise and access to predefined frameworks and best practices guides from around the world


We work with your teams, to empower them and upskill them

Knowledge Sharing

We learn from experiences, ours and yours combined. And we put that combined knowledge on the table.

Who we work with

Who we work with

Helping people find their next experience or

host their own

Create and join communities to connect

around specific interests.

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Services and Solutions

Marketing Stack & Automation

Marketing stack Integrations, marketing automation, and clean data for reliable marketing decisions

Marketing Analytics & Business Intelligence

Measurement strategy, tool selection, implementation and analysis for a truly data-driven approach

Funnel Automation & Optimization

AB testing, lead generation, smooth flows, funnel filled at each stage, and more money in the bank

Product & Growth Analytics

SaaS analysis, user analytics, acquisition & retention strategy, and a thriving product

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Google Analytics and Management

Our Google Analytics services Over 72% of websites in the Quantcast Top 100K have chosen Google Analytics as their analytics platform of choice. Thrive Internet

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GA-Image Post

Google Analytics – Getting Started

Google Analytics – Did you just set it up? Congratulations! You’ve crossed the first stage of taking advantage of the immense power that Google Analytics has to offer to you as a business owner.

So let’s assume you’ve been running a business, have a website and also have Google Analytics installed. That’s great! But do you know what you are measuring, and most importantly, why?

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How can we help


Convert your idea into product requirements and a design specification. Build a minimum viable product to validate your hypothesis. Vet your candidates and hire your team.


Identify and implement new technologies. Build infrastructure to reduce iteration time. Improve your product while meeting important deadlines.


Bring new users and markets to your business. Identify the key metrics that drive success to optimize growth. Tune your platform to do more with less resources.

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20  team members
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4 South 9th Street
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Web Analytics And Tag Management

Marketing Automation & Customer Retention

Conversion Rate Optimization

Discount Voucher & Loyalty Strategy

Real-Time Products Recommendations

Why Choose Starcom

Web Analytics And Tag Management
Marketing Automation
Average App Rating
App Reviews
Monthly Active Users
WordPress 93%
App Downloads
Team Members
Average App Rating
Project Done
Millions App Reviews
Million App Downloads
Mil Monthly Active Users


Clean, well documented and tested code is the foundation of every successful project.


We work closely within your existing process and build partnerships together.


Past experience prevents costly mistakes, wasted minimizes unknown variables.

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