Your data collection strategy is the most important part of your measurement philosophy. It is a crucial component in achieving your business goals. The right tag manager implementation helps ensure that the 3rd party platforms not only get the same data, but also an improved version of the data, to maintain data quality for these platforms.

Google Analytics is a leading free web analytics tool that can add great value to the way your business is run. Most businesses tend to use less than 30-40% of Google Analytics capabilities and we make sure you are not be one of them. Like for all analytics platform, it is important to make sure the data going into Google Analytics is correct, and its reports are designed in a way that helps businesses make better decisions.

Orange Fox, through its extremely detailed checklists can help Audit your Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics Implementation, as a starting point to any engagement, helping identify the next step. Book a no-strings attached audit today and let us demonstrate how we can add value to your business.

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