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Google Analytics – Did you just set it up? Congratulations! You’ve crossed the first stage of taking advantage of the immense power that Google Analytics has to offer to you as a business owner.


So let’s assume you’ve been running a business, have a website and also have Google Analytics installed. That’s great! But do you know what you are measuring, and most importantly, why?


Contrary to popular opinion, the first question to be asked when gathering any insight is not related to what your subject is (how much traffic, how many people, what content..etc). the first question is “Why do we need this information?” or “What do we want to do with this information?” or “How would this information help me?”.


This is often the most overlooked and under-asked question. Why this is important, will shape the implementation of your Google Analytics.


There is a set of default, out-of-the-box Google Analytics functionalities that come with adding the script to your website, stuff like pageviews, visits, sessions, bounce rates and so on, but what you want to measure and need to measure, based on the decision making ability you would like to have, is where the measurement plan comes in.


Measurement Plan:

A measurement plan is a document that highlights the key areas data points you need to capture along with the incidence / occurrence of those data points (relevant metrics and dimensions) , along with the data type and scope of those points.


(More on measurement plans in the upcoming blog posts)


Metrics and Dimensions:

There are a bunch of metrics and dimensions pre included in GA, even with enhanced e commerce enabled, but guess what, the standard performance may report data that’s murky and cloudy to understand interpret.


You will need to enable timezone settings, enhanced e commerce event list and parameters, custom dimensions, user ID settings, and plan your custom metrics and dimensions as an e commerce business (more on that in upcoming posts).


In summary, suffice it to say that simply installing Google Analytics to your website barely does the job. By no means am  I saying that it isn’t helpful. For the price its available at (free!), Google Analytics is a VERY powerful tool, but only in the hands of a skilled and trained individual who is capable of extracting utility and meaning from this tool.

Want to know more about how Google Analytics can help you grow your eCommerce business? Get in touch to find out!

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